How to Bass Boost in FL Studio

To bass boost in FL Studio, all you need to do is either apply the Fruity Bass Boost plugin or use an equalizer such as Fruity Parametric 2. Here is a slightly more detailed explanation. 1. Load up your audio clip in the playlist or the channel rack and then click on the audio clip … Read more

How to Use Automation in FL Studio

In this tutorial we’ll go over how to use automation in FL Studio. Automation is a feature that exists in nearly every DAW which lets you change parameters over time such as volume or pitch. To begin automating, you need to create an automation clip. Step 1. Create an Automation Clip Go to the top … Read more

How to Not Hear Yourself in FL Studio

Hearing yourself when recording through a microphone in FL Studio can be irritating. I’ve experienced this way too many times and identified the different ways to fix it. No matter what, you’ll know how to fix it after reading this tutorial. One of the following solutions will fix the problem you have. Mute the Insert … Read more