FL Studio: How to Find the Tempo/BPM (Beats Per Minute)

Whether it’s a song you want to find the BPM of, or if you want to know the tempo for your new project. This tutorial will teach you how to find the BPM in three different ways using FL Studio. Let’s start with the BPM tapper.

Using FL Studios Built-in BPM Tapper

The easiest way to find the BPM in FL Studio is to use the built-in BPM Tapper.

  1. To open the BPM tapper, right-click on your tempo within FL Studio.
  2. A menu will pop up and from there, choose Tap.
  3. Tap any key on your keyboard, or click on the BPM tapper to get a BPM readout.

You can also open the tempo tapper by going to “View” in the top left corner of FL Studio, and in the menu, pick the tempo tapper.

Using Detect Tempo

FL Studio has a detect tempo feature that lets you detect the tempo of imported songs, samples, and loops. To open and detect tempo, do the following.

1. Click on the audio clip in the playlist editor or channel rack.

2. Right-click on the waveform . A menu will pop-up, choose Detect Tempo.

3. Now you will see the tempo of the audio clip, at the top of the tempo detection list.

4. However, if there’s no tempo embedded in the audio clip, you will get a message telling you “please select the tempo range…”. If so, select the tempo your audio clip is most likely to be in. When you’ve selected, FL Studio will give you an accurate tempo detection.

Using Edison

In FL Studio you can also use Edison to find the tempo of any audio clip. To detect tempo in Edison do the following.

1. Go to the mixer, click on a slot and pick Edison from the list.

2. Click on the audio clip in the playlist editor or channel rack. Drag the waveform of the audio clip into Edison.

3. In Edison click on format in the top left corner, and click edit properties.

4. Locate the Tempo section, where there’s a button that says Autodetect, click it and make your selection in the list. Choose one of the three options.

Edison has now found the correct BPM of any loop or sample.

Other Ways

You can also use an online tempo tapper such as Meteorite Sounds tempo tapper which accurately lets you find the BPM of any track or loop by tapping your finger to the rhythm.