11 Interesting Pros and Cons of Listening to Music

Some are good, some are terrible… There are so many interesting pros and cons of listening to music. Let’s begin with the pros and the most important one. The Pros Releases feel-good chemicals Listening to music that we like, releases dopamine within our brains. Which is a chemical that makes us feel good, motivated, and … Read more

How do I Find the Best Key for My Voice?

Finding the right key for your voice can be hard. There are so many unique songs and singing them well, really requires the best key for you. I’ve been picking keys for songs on a daily basis, since far too many years back. In this article, I will share what I’ve found works best. Let’s … Read more

6 Best Free Vinyl Scratch SFX Sample Packs

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How to Produce Space Bound by Eminem

Eminem’s track, space-bound is an odd track in Eminem’s lineup. Because it has such a contrast between the singer’s voice and Eminem’s voice. I’ve analyzed the track down to the detail, and if you want to recreate any of the elements in the song. This will help you do it! About It’s very fun to … Read more

Average Cost of a 12-String Guitar (2022)

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5 Awesome Spotify Easter Eggs

Spotify has had quite a few easter eggs over the years. Five of them in total, so they’re not really common. Unfortunately, four out of five have been removed from the service. But you can still see the history of Spotify Easter eggs in this list. Stranger Things During a period when Stranger Things was … Read more