How to Add and Install Plugins in FL Studio

Learning how to add plugins to FL Studio opens up a world of possibilities. It might seem hard at first, but when you’ve done it once you’ll be able to do it in 30 seconds or less. This is a three-part process, beginning with installing the plugins on your computer, scanning for them, and then … Read more

How to Change the Key of a Sample in FL Studio

Changing the keys of samples within FL Studio is easy if you know how to do it. There are 2 methods to do it which will be shown in this tutorial. Let’s go over this simple but hugely important function. From within the Sample Settings 1. Doubleclick on the sample you want to change the … Read more

How to Open Saved Projects in FL Studios Trial

For the first time ever. I will explain in detail how to open saved projects on the FL Studio Trial. This is a perfect trick to use if you want to extend the functionality, and get even more for free! The Trick to Open Saved Projects This is the not-so-well-known trick to use, to bypass … Read more

No Sound in FL Studio? Do This!

Are you currently suffering from FL Studio not outputting any sound? Maybe other applications lose their sound when you use FL Studio. I’ve personally had these problems many times, and I’ve identified how to fix them all. Here is a guide on what to do! 1. Switch Between Drivers in FL Studio By switching to … Read more

FL Studio: Fix Too Small or Too Large Plugins

Here’s what you do if your plugins are too small or too large in FL Studio. This software has two main issues with scaling plugins. One is that it takes old VSTs scales badly on 4K Screens and above. The other is that plugins sometimes get too big for your screen. There are multiple ways … Read more

9 Tricks to Optimize Performance in FL Studio

Is your computer lagging, frying, or freezing up when you run FL Studio? I’ve identified everything you can do to make it run as quickly as possible. Here is a list of nine ways to make FL run lighter to get a boost in speed! 1. Choose Your Plugins Wisely Every plugin you load into … Read more

How To Microtune u-he Hive 2

This short guide will show you how to microtune u-he Hive 2. Also, down below there is a link to some additional tuning files that you can download for the synthesizer. Step 1 To microtune Hive, locate the section in the bottom left corner that says “microtuning”. Click on the button that says “None”. You … Read more

How To Tune a 12 String Guitar

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How To Do Awesome Spotify Header And Bio Images

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