About Meteorite Sound

The founder

My name is Oscar and I’m the founder of Meteorite Sound. Based in Sweden, I have had a background in music stretching more than 20 years back. I’m a singer & songwriter, mix engineer, and instrumentalist. When I’m not making music, I like to snowboard and go for adventures in forests around the world. I care deeply about the environment and believe in reforestation and more national parks.

I started Meteorite Sound on a cold winter’s day. When I realized I wanted to have a project that involved music, but not necessarily listening to it all the time. By writing articles on the site, my ears get a time out, and they’re pretty stressed at times.

Below you can listen to some music I’ve created.

Philosophy of Meteorite Sound

At Meteorite Sound or “Meet your right sound”, we strive to provide excellent education on audio-related topics, both in the article and video format. The idea is to educate in an entertaining way, as well as in the future provide more audio-related products and services.

The end goal is to make music better.

If you have any inquiries about the website, don’t hesitate to email us.