Does FL Studio Have Autotune?

FL Studio has the autotune plugin Pitcher built-in. But it only comes as a demo version in the trial, fruity, and producer edition of FL Studio. To fully unlock it you need to buy the Signature or All plugins edition.

Alternatively, you can download another autotune plugin. If you want to get a free autotune plugin that works great in FL Studio, MAutoPitch is the one I recommend. If you got some money to spend, either buy FL Studios Pitcher separately or go with Waves Tune Real-Time.

You can download and read more about them in my list of reviewed autotune plugins.

How to Use and Add Autotune in FL Studio

If you want to use Autotune in FL Studio do the following.

1. Import an audio clip into FL Studio and click on it. A menu will pop up.

2. Assign a mixer track by changing the number in the top-right corner of the audio-clips menu. Then double click on the same box (number) to open up the mixer.

3. In the mixer, click on any of the slots on the right to get a drop-down menu.

4. In the drop-down menu choose Pitcher.

5. Autotune will be applied automatically. But if you want to change any settings, you only have to worry about speed and which notes you want to play in your audio clip.

Is Pitcher any good?

After testing every autotune plugin on the market, free and paid. I found that FL Studio’s very own Pitcher plugin works better than any other plugin out there when it comes to autotune. It can be used for any genre as it lets you do the robotic style as well as a transparent pitch correction.