Best Autotune Plugins for DAWs [VST/AU]

Do you want the best autotune plugin? As a music producer, I’ve been using autotune every day for the past 15 years and I know how important it is. Therefore I put together this list where I review every plugin on the market to find the best-sounding ones. These work in DAWs such as Logic, … Read more

Binaural Panning Plugins for 3D Audio [VST, AU, AAX]

To create binaural music, you either need a binaural microphone or a binaural panning plugin. Those plugins are what allow you to create binaural mixes within your DAW. The results can be extremely impressive and go far beyond the 3D effect you get with a regular panning plugin. Here are the best free and paid … Read more

Best Tuner Plugins for DAWs [VST/AU]

Wanna tune an instrument or a sample? I got you. As a guitar player and producer, I know how important it is for things to be in tune. Sometimes, it’s even hard to know if things are in tune or not. Let’s fix that today. I’ve tested basically every tuner plugin for DAWs such as … Read more

Vital Synthesizer Review (It’s Good)

Vital is an awesome take on a synthesizer that feels new and modern. The GUI pops, the sounds are fresh and the microtunability is a sweet function! For Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu VST3, VST, AU, and LV2 Price, free or 5$ a month/80$ single payment The biggest thing that strikes you when operating the plugin … Read more

NX Ocean Way Nashville Review

NX Ocean Way will put you in a virtual studio environment using any pair of headphones. But does it even work? Price: 199$ Upfront Waves promises that you will get better mixes on any pair of headphones. In order to emulate a speaker experience, this plugin uses head tracking as well as 3D room emulation … Read more