Using FL Studios Built-In Noise Gate

FL Studio has a built-in Noise Gate which is accessed through the Fruity Limiter plugin. However, there is one important thing you need to know in order to not affect the sound in the wrong way. As this plugin contains several different modules you need to be careful with its settings. Using the Noise Gate … Read more

FL Studio System Requirements 2023

Here are FL Studios Recommended System requirements. Source: The most important component for FL Studio is the CPU, which will make the most difference in whether or not you have a smooth experience. You can read more about this below. RAM CPU Storage Screen Audio Interface FAQ

Does FL Studio Have Autotune?

FL Studio has the autotune plugin Pitcher built-in. But it only comes as a demo version in the trial, fruity, and producer edition of FL Studio. To fully unlock it you need to buy the Signature or All plugins edition. Alternatively, you can download another autotune plugin. If you want to get a free autotune … Read more

How to Bass Boost in FL Studio (Easy Way)

To bass boost in FL Studio, all you need to do is either apply the Fruity Bass Boost plugin or use an equalizer such as Fruity Parametric. Here is a slightly more detailed explanation. 1. Load up your audio clip in the playlist or the channel rack and then click on the audio clip to … Read more

Best Autotune Plugins for DAWs [VST/AU]

Do you want the best autotune plugin? As a music producer, I’ve been using autotune every day for the past 15 years and I know how important it is. Therefore I put together this list where I review every plugin on the market to find the best-sounding ones. These work in DAWs such as Logic, … Read more

How to Use Automation in FL Studio

In this tutorial we’ll go over how to use automation in FL Studio. Automation is a feature that exists in nearly every DAW which lets you change parameters over time such as volume or pitch. To begin automating, you need to create an automation clip. Step 1. Create an Automation Clip Go to the top … Read more

How to Delete and Uninstall Plugins in FL Studio

Do you want to remove plugins from FL Studio? If the answer is Yes, then this tutorial is for you. For years I struggled with long lists of plugins I no longer used and that no longer worked. When I learned how to remove plugins everything got so much cleaner. It was a breath of … Read more

How to Copy and Paste in FL Studio (Tutorial)

This easy tutorial will teach you how to copy and paste in FL Studio. We’ll go over how to copy and paste in the various areas of FL Studio. Additionally, we’ll go over some not so well known time-saving tricks to use when copying. Let’s begin with how to copy and paste in the Playlist … Read more

10 Binaural Songs that Will Blow Your Mind

Binaural Audio is a well-kept secret that has the ability to immerse you in a world of sound. Common folks just dont know about it, but if you’re on this list you’re off to a good start. The following songs demonstrate the binaural effect so particularly well that they will blow your mind. 1. I … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Bullroarer

The bullroarer is an ancient musical instrument with shamanic and aboriginal roots. It’s been used all over the world both as a toy and for spiritual purposes. In this informational text, we’ll go over some key aspects of bullroarers such as their history, how to use them, how they work, and how to make one. … Read more