10 Binaural Albums That Will Blow Your Mind

It takes extra time to make binaural music, and it almost only plays well on headphones. But the 3D effect is so profound that it’s a different dimension. Here are ten of the best binaural albums to date. 1. Perfume Genius No Shape This album takes binaural music to another level. It’s an incredibly rich … Read more

How To Install Plugins In Bitwig Studio

Do you want to install plugins in Bitwig? Maybe you already installed a plugin and it’s not showing up. Here’s how to fix it. Bitwig will automatically load plugins in its browser. It’s on the right side of the screen. However, if you didn’t install them in the correct location they won’t show up. Here’s … Read more

7 Great Tips For Making Video Game Soundtracks

By Adam Robinson-Yu - A Short Hike (2019 Video Game), CC BY-SA 4.0

Are you interested in making music for video games and need some good information on how to do it? Maybe you are just getting started with the creative process and you need to fill in the blanks. Here are 7 great tips on how to make good game soundtracks. If you keep these ideas in … Read more

Vital Synthesizer Review (It’s Good)

Vital is an awesome take on a synthesizer that feels new and modern. The GUI pops, the sounds are fresh and the microtunability is a sweet function! For Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu VST3, VST, AU, and LV2 Price, free or 5$ a month/80$ single payment The biggest thing that strikes you when operating the plugin … Read more

How To Microtune Spire

You can get started with making microtonal music in Spire in just a minute. However, you will need some good files containing scales. Otherwise, there won’t be any microtonal music going on. So let’s get started! Step 1. Download tuning files. You can get those files from anywhere. But I advise you to try out … Read more

How to Tune Your Guitar to 432Hz

The best and easiest way to tune your guitar to 432Hz is by using a tuner app on your phone. The app needs to have what’s called custom tuning. There are many apps for both Android and iPhone that lets you do custom tuning. I scouted the app stores and fought many battles with popups … Read more

How To Microtune Serum to Any Scale

This tutorial will show you how to microtune Xfer Serum to any scale So you can create microtonal music. You will also get to know where you can download the tuning files that are needed, as well as how to explore different scales. Step 1: To micro-tune your Spire synth. You will need what’s called … Read more

NX Ocean Way Nashville Review

NX Ocean Way will put you in a virtual studio environment using any pair of headphones. But does it even work? Price: 199$ Upfront Waves promises that you will get better mixes on any pair of headphones. In order to emulate a speaker experience, this plugin uses head tracking as well as 3D room emulation … Read more