11 American Musical Instruments You Should Know

Let’s go on a journey across America and explore the unknown. Some of the most widely used and most popular instruments ever made were invented here. They’ve set the stage for how everybody around the world experiences music today. Here are the American musical instruments you should know about! Electric Guitar The electric guitar is … Read more

8 Beautiful Musical Instruments Made From Gourds

The gourd is a fruit that is used to create a wide range of musical instruments. When it’s hollowed out, it works as a resonating chamber, amplifying any sound that passes through it. Here are some of the most beautiful instruments made from gourds! Güiro The Güiro is a musical instrument used in Latin American … Read more

11 Traditional Native American Musical Instruments

These are some of the musical instruments used by various Native American tribes throughout North America. Many of them have been and are of great importance to their lifestyle, culture, and spirituality. There is more to them than meets the eye! 1. Native American Flutes What’s known as the Native American flute in the U.S … Read more

The Best Online Tempo Tap Tools 2022

Do you want to find the BPM using an online BPM counter? We’ve compiled a list of the best ones available to help you find the beats per minute of the songs you love. 1. Tempo Tap Tempo Tap This is our very own BPM tapper, built by our in-house developers, and it focuses on … Read more

Can Spotify Play MP3?

Are you wondering if Spotify can play MP3 or other file formats? This guide will help you understand what file formats you can play on Spotify, what audio formats Spotify uses as well as how to transfer music to your Spotify app. To begin, let’s answer the question. Can Spotify play MP3 files? Yes, Spotify … Read more

What is the Most Relaxing Sound?

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The Best Spa Music 2022 (Playlists, Radio and More)

This Spa music is unlike all the other music out there. It will soothe, relax and rejuvenate you just like it should. Bring your towel, and your scents, and let’s recharge with some of the most powerful music choices for a spa. Our Spa Music Playlist This is the Spa Music playlist created by us … Read more

Wooden Instruments: 16 Musical Instruments Made out of Wood

These musical instruments are made of wood and they are so beautiful to look at thanks to their natural texture. Wood has amazing properties which allow for making great-sounding instruments. Güiro The Güiro is a popular instrument in Latin America and the Caribbean and it comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s used to create … Read more

8 Powerful Shamanic Instruments for Healing and Journeying

Shamans have used these powerful musical instruments for a long time. They are the original shamanic instruments used for healing and journeying inwards. You may be surprised by how simple yet revered they are for their capabilities. Leaf Rattles The leaf rattle speaks the language of the plants, and the shaman’s intentions are carried through … Read more