The Best Spa Music 2022 (Playlists, Radio and More)

This Spa music is unlike all the other music out there. It will soothe, relax and rejuvenate you just like it should. Bring your towel, and your scents, and let’s recharge with some of the most powerful music choices for a spa.

Our Spa Music Playlist

This is the Spa Music playlist created by us over at Meteorite Sound. It features non-stop relaxing music for both the body and the mind. Many people don’t understand this type of music, it’s like they are too stressed to relax. But those who can feel a connection with it will be rewarded. Tune in to the vibe, and have a great Spa experience.

Hawaiian Relax

Some Hawaiian music is cheezy, but this mix is not. It perfectly encaptures the vibe of waves rippling against the beach, during a beautiful sunset while someone is playing soft Hawaiian music in the background. Dream away to the tropical island, and leave your burdens on the mainland.

Apple’s Spa Playlist

Apples Spa Music playlist gets a pass from our side. It’s surprisingly good because it has its own sound going for it, with nice transitions from song to song. What starts pretty basic and mellow, turns a little more intricate the longer your get into the playlist. It’s a nice vibe altogether, so give it a try if you’re on Apple Music!

Link: Spa on Apple Music

Spotify’s Spa Playlists

Spotify goes a step further than everybody else as they’ve created both the SPA lounge playlist and the SPA Treatment playlist. Basically giving you one playlist for when you’re in the Spa, and one for when you’re done. What a brilliant idea! With these playlists, you can prolong the experience and feel good all day!

AccuRadio Spa Channel

AccuRadio is a free Chicago-based online radio station that features several channels. Among them is the Spa Channel, and in my own experience, the songs on the Spa Channel are lovely and well-curated. Just hit play, and relax. You can download their free iPhone or Android app or just use your browser.

Nature Sounds

Some nature sounds are so relaxing, because they simulate a living environment, in contrast to our otherwise sterile four-walled rooms. This particular video was suggested to me as fitting for Spa Music, and when I tried it out, I agreed. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. Nature sounds like this rain sound has the ability to enhance a Spa experience, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Javanese Music

Indonesia sure knows how to have a Spa, and their traditional music is something else. This Sundanese music album from the Indonesian island of Java is a completely new vibe, and it’s genuinely relaxing and playful. Compared to some other so-called “relaxing music” this is uplifting instead of sounding like a bad dream.

Relaxing Massage Playlist

This Spotify playlist for a relaxing massage also goes well at a spa. It’s updated frequently and features calming music that will help you free your mind and come out of your spa feeling refreshed. Though, if you like some of the songs, make sure to save them in another playlist, as they may be removed with the frequent updates.

60 BPM Songs

If you want to find the best Spa Music, you may want to look into 60 BPM music. Research shows that music in the tempo of around 60 BPM has the ability to induce Alpha Brainwaves. This means that the brain starts to synchronize with the music, and we get into a relaxed state of mind. The research suggested that you should be in a relaxed position and listen to 60 BPM music for 45 minutes in order for it to work.

The 60 Beats Per Minute choice is not a coincidence. This corresponds roughly to our resting heart rates, and to try it myself. I created this playlist, and there was an intuitive knowing that there was something inherently relaxing in this tempo range.

So try my playlist out, and if you want to create your own playlist in the tempo of around 60 BPM. You can find songs by searching on which is the best website to find songs in specific tempos or you can use our online tempo tapper to find the BPM of any song.

Windchimes and Fountains

This is just a last suggestion. If you are doing your own Spa at home and you plan to be outside. You could always switch out the music playlists for some relaxing wooden windchimes and if you want the sound of water, get a small fountain. There are cheap ones for around 20$ that will do the trick. I find these to be really relaxing and they’re a great alternative.