6 Best Free Vinyl Scratch SFX Sample Packs

Are you looking for free Vinyl Scratch samples? This is a unique list with the best free sample packs out there. I’ve been looking for those packs myself many times. So I thought I’d just compile a list with the best ones, enjoy!

Rhythm Lab OneShot Scratches

Size:17MB Sounds:75 Download

This free pack contains some carefully selected one-shots with useful, high-quality scratching FX. Don’t be fooled by the size!

Beat Production, Vinyl Scratch

Size:141MB Sounds:1240 Download

This pack has a Scratch SFX kit for every BPM you can think of and a bunch of other stuff too! I suggest you check out the “Platinum Scratches Kitz”.

It’s perhaps the best Vinyl Scratch Sample pack in the world. It’s insanely big with 1240 samples and it’s oozing with quality. You get not only standalone scratches, but a bunch of loops to play around with as well.

Freesound Scratches


Freesound is the best place on the internet to find specific samples for free. They actually have a lot of vinyl scratch noises if you just know how to search. I found that searching for scratch+hiphop yielded awesome results.

Antidote Audio

Size:14.3MB Sounds:61 Download

Antidotes DJ Scratched Samples is one of my favorites. It’s just straight up, super high-quality Scratches that will work well with any track. Whenever I’ve been looking for Vinyl scratch samples, this is what I’ve been looking for.

Just go to the page, scroll down and click on the pack to download.

ApolloSound Freebie

Size:16MB Sounds:24 Download

This is just a small free light version of a paid pack. But it does have some really good scratch and scrubbing noises. Although, I think you should try the other ones before this one. Because you have to register to download it.

StayonBeat Scratch Samples

Size:18MB Sounds:26 Download

This sample pack may be small, but that’s because there’s no wasted space. It consists of one-shots with scratch effects and there are some unusual ones in here, so be sure to check it out!

99Sounds Vinyl Noise SFX

Size:56MB Sounds:37 Download

This is the last sample pack. I added it because if you’re serious, it might be nice to add some Vinyl Noise with your scratches. This specific pack actually doesn’t contain any scratches, but it’s perfect for adding vinyl noise for extra immersion.

Got More?

If you know of any other free vinyl sound packs put them down in the comments.