6 Tricks to Create Good Playlist Names (Spotify, Apple Music)

Are you wondering what to name your playlist? There are tons of playlist names out there ready to grab. But I think a better and more personal way to do it is to come up with your own name. Here are 6 tricks that will help you!

1. Describe The Feeling

A good way to name any playlist. Is to set its intention in the name. Such as, If it’s for a chill night, just name it Chill Night, if the playlist is filled with music that makes your heart beat fast. Name it Quick Heartbeats. If the music makes you feel nostalgic, name it Nostalgic Magic.

A good way to make it more unique and personal is to set use your nickname or your real name. Such as Johannas Nostalgic Magic.

2. Set the Scene

Set the scene for your playlist and you’ll find amazing names. To do that, ask yourself the following two questions.

When or where is your playlist for? and, what do you think of when you listen to the music in the playlist?

Here are some examples!

Cold Morning, Alone on the Road, When I’m Stargazing, Summer Sunset.

It’s a very powerful technique. By asking yourself those questions, you can come up with thousands of playlist naming ideas.

3. Use a Word Recipe

I love this trick because you can create so unique playlist names with it.

The way to do it is to start with a descriptive word, combine it with an object, and then a situation/verb.

Glazed Monkeys in the Sauna, Funky Morons at the Club, Strange Beavers Enjoying Country

Of course, you can mix it up a lot. But it’s a good playlist naming recipe to start with! It’s mostly good if you feel a little drained, and need some cool random names.

Just write up a list with a few different cool words, and then combine them and find fun combinations.

4. Rhyme For Catchy Names

One of the most effective ways to generate playlist names is with rhymes. It’s so effective, that once you get it right, it just clicks.

Think of a word related to your playlist, go to Rhymezone, or your own head. And come up with something that rhymes with the word.

These are some examples from my own workout playlists

Swift Lift, Lean Queen, Harsh Marsh, Full Pull

Do you see how it instantly creates a catchy name? Just think up a few words related to your playlist and then think of a rhyme or go to Rhymezone, and combine them. It’s so simple!

5. Include Genre or Mood

People often search for Genres and Moods when they’re looking for playlists. So including any of those in your playlist names will make them easier to find. It’s also good because it lets the listener know what kind of music they’re gonna get before they click.

The only thing you need to do is to include words describing the Genre and Emotion. For example,

Ballads for Sweet Dreams, POP ’til you Drop, RockKnock Whos There, New Funk for Dancing.

Those are just examples, but really, they could be found if one searched for the genre, and it makes the listener able to expect what they’re getting before even hitting play.

6. Come up with Many Names and Pick the Best Ones

For some, this can be obvious. But what I do to come up with good playlist names, is to write many, let’s say a hundred down. Then simply pick the best ones.

Whether you’re on your phone or your computer. Just open up a text editor and begin to scribble down. By doing it this way, you can remember every name you come up with and really kickstart your creativity.

Just write down every playlist name you come up with, no matter how bad or good it is.

The Old Fashioned Technique

If you’ve given up on finding playlist names. Just name it Awesome Mix Vol.1 and continue with your day. You can always settle for a simple name.

Playlist Cover Art

I really wanna stress this last thing. The cover art is hugely important if you want to really make your playlist stand out. And I have a great guide to help you make super-cool cover art in no time. So head over there if you’re serious about it.