16 Awesome FL Studio Easter Eggs

FL Studio has loads of easter eggs. You’d be amazed at how much is hidden inside of this DAW. Come along on a ride to see each and every one! Let’s begin with the Easter eggs that are still active, and then further down you can see the ones that have been removed!

Muted FX graphics

Some effects plugins within FL Studio will play graphics when you mute them. In this case, it’s the FL Limiter.


By typing “can i haz moar view” in the info box in Harmor you’ll get a bigger spectrum view.

Love Philter

The heart within Love Philter can be filled up by clicking it, holding and dragging the cursor to the right and left. In the past, there would be additional effects happening when the heart was full, but those have since been removed.

Riff Machine

By hovering your mouse pointer over the accept button on the riff machine, a message will pop up telling you “Accept being uncreative” with a smiley face.

About Easter Egg

If you go to options –> about, the credits window will popup and if you drag the window around, the logo will try to follow.


If you click the little dots right underneath the wet knob in Vocodex, you’ll hear a robotic voice saying make it, makes us, stronger, weaker, all in random order.


Autogun contains 4,294,967,296 presets which is bonkers. But what’s even more bonkers is the presets descriptions which are not exactly describing the preset, and are just random word salad.

FLEX Hidden Themes

If you click on the analysis window in the FLEX plugin, you’ll get 4 different themes! The theme can also be changed by opening the menu in the flex logo at the bottom.

While it is only slightly hidden, not all users would find this. And the theming options are only referenced in the very last line of the documentation of the synthesizer.

Harmor Nyan Cat

In the Harmor synthesizer, there’s an easter egg that preloads the Nyan Cat melody. All you gotta do is pick the preset named Nyan Cat.

Removed Easter Eggs

Didier Dambrin (gol) who is the original creator of FL Studio had a lot of fun adding a large number of Easter Eggs. But after many years he left the company, and some of the easter eggs he implemented have been removed. Mostly due to UI changes. Here are all of the Easter Eggs that are no longer found in FL Studio.

Clicking on the fruit

As FL Studio removed its logo from the top left corner. This easter egg was automatically removed. It was triggered by clicking on the fruit, to activate messages enticing you to click more and more.

Fruity Dance

While the Fruity Dance plugin may be considered an easter egg in and of itself. In the past, if you had Fruity Dance active, the anime girl would show up in other places within the DAW, such as on the about page and plugin picker.


Sytrus was remade in the later versions and this easter egg was removed. To trigger it, you clicked on the question mark and then on the lemon to make messages show such as ouch!!, aw!!, stop it!.

The F**k You Easter Egg

If you typed “f**k you” into “Find” under the file browser an error message popped up that said, “F**k you too!”. This easter egg was removed in later versions of FL Studio 20.


Slicex had a few tabs at the top and if you clicked them, they would at one point reveal a 10% discount code in the FL Studio store, and later on, a message with Slicex Chan would pop up.


In Harmor there were three connectors at the top that if you clicked them while playing something through the synth, it would play the noise that happens when you put a plug in a speaker with the volume on.

Happy new year and Christmas

Although this easter egg is unconfirmed by us. Several users have reported a title within FL Studio appearing during Christmas and New Year with a special greeting.

How some FL Studio Easter Eggs are found

FL Studio easter eggs can be found by analyzing the DLL file of FL Studio and by looking at the strings contained within it. Though this is a very time-consuming way to find Easter eggs. I highly encourage you to click around and see if you find any new ones.


Thanks to all of the users who contributed findings of easter eggs a while ago on the image-line forum. Without them, this list would have been a lot harder to make!

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