Vital Synthesizer Review (It’s Good)

Vital is an awesome take on a synthesizer that feels new and modern. The GUI pops, the sounds are fresh and the microtunability is a sweet function!

  • For Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu
  • VST3, VST, AU, and LV2
  • Price, free or 5$ a month/80$ single payment

The biggest thing that strikes you when operating the plugin is the very modern and well-put-together user interface. Every visual element has a purpose and when you play, it all comes alive. Making a preset feels fun, and the presets that come with the Synth feel really inspiring.

Vitals Logo

It’s hard not to notice the similarities to Serum. Many of the buttons are in the same places and the whole user interface is extremely similar. Except that Vital has a few new features up its sleeve and is about 50% more visual, Serum users will feel right at home with this synth.

It’s a free synth!

Vital has very enticing pricing. You can get it for free, but you’re either gonna have to make your own presets or use the handful that comes with it. The synth is nearly fully functional. But you’ll miss out on the “text-to-wavetable” feature as well as presets, wavetables, and skins. If you pay 5$ a month or 80$ one time, you’ll get access to the whole shebang.

The unique features

The unique features are the text-to-wavetable and the ability to draw your waveforms. While the text-to-wavetable feels like a fun feature. It won’t blow you out of the water. The ability to edit waveforms by drawing, however, is a feature that I’ve never seen before, and it’s very cool to have albeit, a bit hard to grasp. When drawing or adjusting lines that make up the shape of the waveform. It doesn’t feel like it corresponds to the sound you expect. I certainly hope that Matt Tytell will make this feature even wilder in the future so that you can get a completely different sound with every stroke.

The effect panel is a true work of art. It’s comprised of every module you will need, distortion, reverb, delay, compressor, EQ, phaser, chorus, filter, and flanger. The modules look fun, and they really seal the deal. They make the package feel complete and the synth truly shines.


All in all. This is one of the best synths I’ve ever come across and I’d certainly choose it as my only item to take to a deserted island. It feels modern, sleek, and is a pleasure to look at. The sounds it can make are wild and it almost certainly will grow in popularity with time. If you haven’t already. Go download the synth and play around with it.