How To Microtune Serum to Any Scale

This tutorial will show you how to microtune Xfer Serum to any scale So you can create microtonal music. You will also get to know where you can download the tuning files that are needed, as well as how to explore different scales.

Step 1: To micro-tune your Spire synth. You will need what’s called a tuning file. This file instructs Spire on how to rearrange the tuning of each note. You can download many good ones from this website

Scroll down the page and download “Sevish Tuning Pack”.

Step 2: Select Global and click on Tuning File. Import a file from the folder you downloaded. The files you need are in Sevish Tuning Pack –> Any Folder–> Tun–> Any file. The file format should be “.tun”

Step 3: Now you can make microtonal music with Serum. If you want to return to the default tuning. Click on “tuning file” while holding down Ctrl/Command+right click and your tuning will be reset.

Enjoy making microtonal music!