How To Microtune u-he Hive 2

This short guide will show you how to microtune u-he Hive 2. Also, down below there is a link to some additional tuning files that you can download for the synthesizer.

Step 1

To microtune Hive, locate the section in the bottom left corner that says “microtuning”. Click on the button that says “None”.

You can also click on the activate button while you’re at it. This will turn on the microtuning setting.

Step 2

Now you’re in the tuning file directory. Hive already comes with some great tuning files. However, you may want to add some more.

In order to do this on Windows. Locate the folder C:\ProgramData\u-he\\Tunefiles

Just find some files in the “.tun” format and import them there. If you add a folder. It will automatically be reflected in Hives directory.

Now your all set!

If you want a well-curated pack of tuning files for U-he Hive, you can go to