11 Weird Free VST/AU’s You Don’t Know Exists

Are you looking for strange, weird, and unusual plugins for your DAW? Here is a list of eleven of the weirdest and most fascinating plugins ever made. Every single one is free, so you can download anyone you wish without paying a dime. Let’s begin with the madness.

1. Klevgrand DAW Games

DAW Games are a pack of three different games that you can install as plugins. Just put them on any FX channel and off you go. There’s Tetris (Kletris) as well as two games where you avoid obstacles. Those games also have maps that are generated from the audio you feed them.

Download: VST / AU

2. H.G. Fortunes Synth Collection

H.G. Fortune was a German-based software developer, who passed away in 2014. He left behind a huge number of synths and they all have one thing in common. They all produce psychedelic outer-space sounds. Every synth is filled to the rim with brilliant presets, and every single one is trippy. When he passed away, everything he had ever done was made available for free.

Download: VST

3. Arcane

Arcane is both a game and a sample-based instrument. You play what resembles an Ouija board in order to unlock the final prize, which is a new instrument. It’s all done through the Kontakt player. To solve the riddles, you click and play notes.

Download: VST / AU

4. Harsh Digital Noise

Harsh Digital Noise is a plugin that generates sound out of pictures. You can also do some painting if you feel creative. Just insert a picture or two, and listen to the horrible sounds generated. It’s a cool concept, and certainly a one-of-a-kind synth.

Download: VST

5. Santa Jussi

This synthesizer will surely put a smile on your face. You get to play Santa himself saying Ho-ho-ho. Unfortunately, he sounds more like an agitated town drunk who had a bit too much.

Download: VST / AU

6. Metrognome

If you want to replace your current metronome with a metrognome. You can now do so. Metrognome will say the words hey and lo in a rhythmic fashion. All he needs from his master is the BPM input. You can actually replace the included WAV files with whatever files you want. So you can create your own sounds for the plugin.

Download: VST

7. Alien Artifact

Alien Artifact is a mysterious synthesizer with cool sounds. However, your not exactly given any clues on what any of the knobs do. You have to blindly click around the interface to generate some really strange soundscapes.

Download: VST

8. Mishby

Mishby is a straight-up demonic plugin, that will shatter any sound you put through it. The effects that it generates don’t make sense. It’s just gonna take whatever sound you got, and destroy it as little or as much as you want. Try it for yourself!

Download: VST / AU

9. PT Knob Collection

The Pitch Tech plugin collection consists of many weird and strange effects. Maybe you want some Thunderization, Ghost Dance, or Whisperization. It’s all there, and much much more. The Robotization plugin is hilarious.

Download: VST

10. Rave Generator

Rave Generator is a sample-based synthesizer that plays sounds straight from a 90s rave party. If you want something old-school, and cool, you got it. What’s great is that you can mix any amount of samples you wish and play them at the same time. Let’s start the rave!

Download: VST / AU

11. Small Saw

This is perhaps the coolest plugin on this list. It’s a Kontakt instrument that lets you play a small saw. Some would describe the unique sound as alien or ghostly. But it’s beautiful, and it’s one of the rarest instruments you can play.