No Sound in FL Studio? Do This!

Are you currently suffering from FL Studio not outputting any sound? Maybe other applications lose their sound when you use FL Studio. I’ve personally had these problems many times, and I’ve identified how to fix them all. Here is a guide on what to do!

1. Switch Between Drivers in FL Studio

By switching to another driver, and then switching back to the driver that you’re currently using. You can solve a lot of issues. This kind of resets the audio in FL Studio, and will often work to fix audio issues.

1. In FL Studio, go to options then audio settings.

2. Hit the audio tab within the options panel, then click on device. Switch to any device in the list, and then switch back to the one you’re using. If that doesn’t work. You can try any other device in the list, but remember to turn down your volume. Sometimes the sound can go crazy!

3. Remember, if you want your audio to work outside of FL Studio. The primary sound driver or FL Studio ASIO driver will work for this purpose.

2. Check your Devices in Windows

Sometimes, it’s better to restart your audio driver from the Sound control panel within Windows. This can also solve a lot of issues, such as having no sound in FL Studio.

  1. Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar.

2. Open sound settings.

3. Open sound control panel.

4. Right-click on your active playback device, and disable it. Then enable it. If it goes missing when you do this. Click on an empty area of the screen within the sound window. Then activate show disabled devices.

3. Check for Conflicting Applications

It’s a really good idea, to check if you have any conflicting applications running. Those can be applications that use their own sound driver, different from the one used by FL Studio. Potentially, it can be any application. So try closing every other application, and see if you get audio again.

Check your audio in FL Studio after closing every application. This helps you pinpoint which application is causing the issues.

4. Restart your Computer or FL Studio

People often come to me for advice on how to fix their technical stuff. The first thing I tell them is “have you restarted your computer?”. It’s because so many don’t think such a simple solution can solve their issues.

If you don’t have any audio. Begin by restarting FL Studio, and if that doesn’t work. Restart your computer!

Did this solve your issue?

If this tutorial helped solve your problem, or if you have a suggestion for other fixes. Feel free to comment down below! Also you have any problem with the performance of FL Studio. Click here to see how you can speed it up.