How to Open Saved Projects in FL Studios Trial

For the first time ever. I will explain in detail how to open saved projects on the FL Studio Trial. This is a perfect trick to use if you want to extend the functionality, and get even more for free!

The Trick to Open Saved Projects

Credit: Image-Line

This is the not-so-well-known trick to use, to bypass FL Studio’s saving limitation. This method will let you open saved projects once again, even if you’re on the trial version.

You’re going to need a friend or a person with a license for FL Studio. Here are the instructions.

1. Get yourself the trial version of FL Studio.

2. Save a project

3. Send the .flp (project file) to someone with a license for FL Studio.

4. The recipient opens the file and re-saves it, or does further work on the project

5. They send it back to you, and you can now open your project again in your FL Studio Trial.

You can do this an infinite amount of times. It’s great if you want to collaborate on a project, or if you just want your friend or teacher to re-save the projects for you so you can keep working on it.

You can find your saved project files (.flp) on the following paths:

Windows: C:\Users\InsertUsername\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Projects

Make sure to remove “InsertUsername” and replace it with your own username.

Mac: Go to Fl Studio in the /Applications/directory. Right-click on the directory and choose “Show package contents”, from there go to your C: drive.

This way of working is totally supported by Image-Line/FL Studio. Originally, it was a way of letting a teacher of FL Studio teach students so that they can bounce projects back and forth without the student having to pay for a license in the early stages of learning.

Although this is the best trick to use if you wanna use FL Studio for free. You should know that there are other limitations in place that you won’t bypass, and you may want to pay for a license instead. You can check out my buying guide for FL Studio here.

Trial Limitations

When using FL Studio in unlimited trial mode. There are some limitations that apply.

  1. You’re not allowed to make tutorials or anything for commercial use using the demo version.
  2. A browser window taking you to FL Studios’ website will pop up after you close it.
  3. You can’t re-open your saved projects.
  4. You have access to every feature and plugin, but some are in trial mode (giving you a silence every now and then)
  5. You’ll get a prompt with FL Studio offers whenever you save a project.

If you want to get rid of all the limitations, you need to upgrade FL Studio.