How To Do Awesome Spotify Header And Bio Images

So you wanna make a Spotify Header. Let’s make one thing clear here. Spotify’s recommended guidelines won’t get you all the way. In fact, they make it very hard to make a good header. Let’s see why, and let me show you how to make a good header!

Spotifys Recommended Guideline

So on Spotify for artists page where they let you change your artist profile header, you can read “Header images must be at least 2660x1140px.”

The resolution is absolutely a minimum. With the header, the higher the resolution of the image, the more you will be able to zoom in. This can be hugely important for how good your image looks.

The dots and the border, is for the experiment

As you can see. Spotify cuts away a large portion of the image. Why does this happen?

Well, it’s all because of resizing! You’re probably viewing the image through a full-screen browser and therefore, you are not seeing the whole image. If you resize your screen, you will see, that you can indeed see the full picture.

So, knowing that your picture will most likely be slightly cropped. Always create a header that is slightly larger than what you need.

For example. If you want a picture of yourself, a picture covering your whole body will give you lots of space to zoom in on yourself.

If you got a picture of yourself, and your browser on fullscreen mode. Go for cropping away a portion of your upper head, leaving the eyes, torso, eyebrows, and a part of your body in the shot.

Doing it this way will ensure that you look great no matter the size of the Spotify player. You see, the image will resize, so on a phone, your whole head will be visible, and on a computer Spotify application, the whole of you will also be visible, depending on the size of the window.

Spotify Bio Images

When creating images for Spotify Bio there are two different things that will happen. On a phone, your pictures will be fully visible, full width, with everything visible.

On the computer application, the bio image will be cropped, no matter the size of the window. So the whole image wont show.

The weird trick to get your image in full size, no matter the platform, is actually to use TWO full images in your bio.

Yes, it’s weird, but thats how it works. One image = cropped, two images, and you get the whole size on both.

Hope this helped you!

I wrote this to troubleshoot a few issues, as well as prepare you the right information for when you create the images you need.

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