11 Legendary FREE Drum Kits for FL Studio

This list is filled with totally free, rare, and unique drum kits for FL Studio users. Sure, you can use them in any DAW. But we think FL Studio has a unique sound and these free drum kits go perfect with it.

1. The Saturn Drumkit

Size: 6MB Sounds: 41 Download Here

This free small little drum kit for beat-making may be just what you need. It’s made by Prodllb and features a few megabytes of high-quality drum samples such as Kicks, Rims, Open Hats, Claps, and 808s.

2. KB6 Samples Archive

Size: 5.4GB Sounds: 36,070 Download here

The KB6 Samples archive is run by the individual Kai who’s been collecting samples from all over the internet since 1996. If you like electronic drums, these drum kits are perfect for you. Use them in FL Studio!

On the website, KB6 writes, “Most of the original Source Websites are gone forever, because i am collecting now for about 23 Years and anytime good sources are dying.

3. Goldbaby Free Packs


Goldbaby has a huge amount of free samples to pick and choose from. It’s from a New Zealand studio that started back in 2006 and has been in operation ever since. Just click and enjoy the bountiful download!

4. Mike Zara’s Stash

Size: 529MB Sounds: 1267 Download

A while ago, this drum kit went absolutely viral on Reddit. Many users claim this is the only drum kit they need to produce music, and it’s understandable. Because it contains all the categories of sound such as kicks, cymbals, claps, perc, 808s, and more! Everything sounds super good, and there’s really no filler.

5. G-Town Church Free Drum Kit

Size: 677MB Sounds: 982 Download

G-Town Church is a completely free drum kit created by Tobias Marberger. All of the drums were recorded in a small-town church with phenomenal acoustics. If you’re looking for a drum kit with a very different twist to it, this is it.

Download the drum kit by going to the link and choosing the Zip.

6. Ultimate Boom Bap Drum Kit

Size: 423MB Sounds: 2208 Download

This drum kit was created by Beatsmith and is filled with Boom Bap one-shots such as kicks, snares, and claps for you to use. If you need a good basic set of drums, this will be perfect for you. Personally, it didn’t take me long before I found some absolute favorite kicks within the kick folder.

7. NSA Custom Series

Size: 132MB Sounds: 777 Download

This is an acoustic drum kit that sounds completely different from SMDrums Stereo. It’s made by Dean and was shared on Rekkerd.org many many years go, but sometimes old is gold. Just import these samples into FL Studio and you’ll have an amazing experience using this high-quality acoustic drum kit.

8. SMDrums Stereo

Size: 662MB Sounds: 1407 Download

This acoustic drum kit was uploaded to the internet by Tod on the Reaper forums. It contains Wav files recorded and sampled from a real drum kit. Each drum has several samples with different velocities so that you can get precise control over your desired sound.

9. OLPC Samples

You can download and use them all for free here.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was a non-profit organization that provided cheap laptops to children in developing regions of the world, I don’t know the whole story, but at some point, sample packs were donated to the organization, and these sample packs were made available for free. You’ll find many good free drum kits to download on the OLPC Wiki.

10. Samplephonics Tube Drums

Size: 113MB Sounds: 513 Download

This drum kit is so fun and it contains 513 one-shots for you to use. Even though downloading it requires registering on the Samplephonics website, it’s totally worth it!

The drum kit is meant to be used for Hip Hop and Rap music, but you can use it for any genre you please as the sounds are so diverse.

11. FPC Free Kits

Size: 568MB Sounds: 3364 Download

This last addition to this list is only for people who’ve purchased any version of FL Studio.

You get 120 free drum kits to use within FL Studios FPC plugin, but you can also use the Wav files as normal samples by importing them into FL Studios browser. Nonetheless, you’re going to give yourself a ton of new drums if you download this, and I’m talking about every drum you can think of.


Loopcloud Music App from Loopmasters.com

There are so many bad drum kits around the web, and many have a hard time finding the good stuff. I recommend Loopcloud if you want to find drum kits and don’t have the time to search the whole internet. Loopcloud lets you download and search for samples in its 4 million sounds library.

To use it, just drag and drop samples from Loopcloud into FL Studio, it’s that simple. When you use the free trial, you get plenty of credits which you can exchange for free samples of your choice.