8 Best Free Clap SFX Sample Packs

Clap samples are vital for most music today, and using this list you can find some free ones for your music productions! Of course, they have all been tested and are both free and of high quality, enjoy!

Hands make sounds

Size: 12.1 MB Sounds:158 Download

Hands make sounds is a sample pack featuring 158 great Clap and Snap one-shots you can use. As the sound of the handclaps is so natural they work with every genre. This pack has been used in hundreds of my own productions and I love it!

Pro Claps Light

Size:4.7Mb Sounds:25 Download

This is our own clap sample pack and it’s completely unique. It features claps recorded at various locations as well as binaural clap sounds to give you a more 3D sound. This awesome pack is the light version, but it packs a huge punch.

StayOnBeats Free Clap Pack

Size:6mb Sounds:150 Download

Stayonbeats free claps pack is great! Apart from being free, it offers a nice variety of different claps and you’re bound to find at least one you really love. The claps sound professionally recorded and they will work great in many scenarios, but they would work best with Hiphop and Rap due to their sound.

Wavbvkery Claps Samples

Size:4.1mb Sounds:28 Download

Wavbvkery is one of the most natural clap samples around. They are very unmodified and they arent highpassed or anything either. Just simply, good hanclaps recorded with a condenser microphone, available for free.

Sampleswap Clap Samples

Size:4.5mb Sounds:106 Download

If you got a little patience. Sampleswaps claps sample pack has some very creative clap samples that can serve you well. If you want one of everything, this pack is it. It has so widely different sounding claps, and you can preview them all on their website.

The downside is that you have to sign up (for free) in order to download them.

Freesound Claps


Freesound is the best place on the internet to find specific samples for free. And they have a lot of clap samples, but you do need to register an account to download.

Echo Sound Works EDM CLAPS V1

Size:8Mb Sounds:26 Download

This clap sample packs stands out as being ENERGETIC! Every clap has definition to it, and it is just perfect if you’re making music in the electronic genres or hip-hop/rap. While you need to provide an email to get the pack, it’s actually worth it with this one.

Georgiev Hand Clap Samples

Size:15Mb Sounds: 27 Download

This may be last on the list. But that’s because it’s reserved for the ones who are looking for the creme de la creme. This is a pack containing super interesting soundstages, with claps recorded in churches and garages. This one will work really well for acoustic music!