10 Amazing Ways To Find New Music On Spotify

Do you wanna find new music on Spotify? You’ve come to the right place. With its intensely big catalog, it can be hard to find the music that’s right for you. But with the following 10 ways, you’re gonna find good new music in no time.

1. Use Spotify Charts

With Spotify Charts you can see the most popular tracks in any country. It’s really useful if you wanna see what the mainstream is listening to at any moment. Or even, get new influences from other countries. Sometimes when I need Spanish music, I’ll go and check out what’s hot in Latin America.

2. Random word technique

This is a quite silly technique for finding new music on Spotify.

You take a word, any word, and search for it. It’s amazing how often you’ll find songs containing the seemingly random word. To find words, you can take one from your head, use a random word generator, or any dictionary.

I searched for the words breedbate, whangam and xystus and got results for each one. I promise you’re bound to find new music with this technique!

3. Spotify Radio

Spotify can create radio stations from any song, album, or artist. All you do is click on the 3 dots on the artist or song’s page and hit the radio button.

This will generate a playlist of about 50 songs, similar to the one you choose.

It makes it so easy to continue on a sound. Let’s say you want some electronic music, and you know one song that you absolutely adore. But you don’t know what to pick afterward, that is as good as that one.

Then this feature is wonderful to have.

4. Playlists

There are plenty of playlists on Spotify but don’t fall into the trap.

Many playlists are created not for their quality, but because artists and record labels pay to be on them. That’s why you shouldn’t go to a Spotify playlist website. Instead, find them on your own through forums or Spotify search.

Another fun way of using playlists. Is by creating a shared playlist with a friend. That way, when either one of you finds new music, you can add it to the playlist, and your friend can see it immediately.

It’s great for discovering music together as well as keeping in touch.

5. Autoplay

The laziest way of discovering new music on Spotify is autoplay. You pick a song and just let it play. If you haven’t added anything to your queue, Spotify will throw you new songs that it thinks you will like.

This is a seriously underrated feature. I think you will be surprised at how good songs Spotify will give you.

6. Find songwriters and producers

A quite unusual way to find new music is to find out who produced or wrote your favorite songs, and check what more they’ve done.

Often, songs aren’t a one-man thing, and often the producer or songwriter is more responsible for the sound, than the artist themselves.

Spotify has implemented a new feature. Some producers and writers have their own pages on Spotify. So if they’ve written or produced many songs, you can find all of them.

7. Spotify Recommendations

Weekly Suggested, Daily Mix, Top Mixes, Recommended for today, etc are all playlists that Spotify automatically generates based on what you listen to. It will consist of some songs you already like, as well as songs Spotify thinks you’ll like.

However, all generated playlists can take a while to show up if you’re on a new account. Because Spotify needs some time to analyze your taste first.

You can find all of your recommendations on your homepage.

8. See what your friends are listening to

If you register on Spotify through Facebook or connect your account to Facebook, you can see what your friends are listening to in real-time.

Besides that, you can even search for your friends, or other people’s names and find their profiles on Spotify. This lets you see their public playlists and who they are following. In a sense, you get to spy on what people listen to, pretty cool right!

9. Daily Drive

Daily Drive is a playlist feature first launched in the U.S. back in 2019 and has since been introduced in more countries. It’s a playlist filled with some of your favorite songs, new songs as well as newscasts.

It’s meant for people who are commuting frequently and just want something to listen to.

10. Release Radar

Release Radar is one of Spotify’s most praised features for finding new music. It’s yet another playlist. But this one is meant to keep you up to date on releases from the artists you listen to. It consists of the following.

  • Artists you follow
  • Artists you listen to
  • Songs Spotify thinks you’ll be interested in

This playlist makes it a ton easier to hear new material from the artists you love.

11. Other Sources

While this list details how you find music within the Spotify App. Of course, you can find music elsewhere, and then go look it up on Spotify. One of my favorite ways is actually by listening to online radio. It’s so easy to find new favorite tracks when you’re not the one in charge of the playlist.