7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Classical Guitar

There are many types of guitars out there, but classical guitars are something special. Let me tell you why I love classical guitars, and why they can make an awesome addition to your own guitar collection!

1. It’s the Easiest Guitar to Play

The classical guitar can be considered a beginner guitar and this is because you don’t need to press the strings down very hard. It’s the easiest guitar to play because of this, and the necks tend to be wider than on electric and steel guitars making it easier to produce a clearer sound. Some players describe them as being buttery smooth due to their ease of use.

2. They Sound Silky Smooth

Out of all guitars, the classical guitar is the softest sounding. Because it doesn’t produce the same overtones as steel and electric guitars do. The classical guitar is ideal for relaxing music and background music. The tone of these guitars is incredibly soft and silky to the ears.

3. They’re Cheap

Some older classical guitars can be INSANELY expensive. But truth be told, generally, the classical guitar is the cheapest guitar available at any store. A good guess as to why this is is because some are mass produced with a little less attention to detail. Also, they don’t use steel strings which have to be wound, and the nylon strings are cheaper and easier to produce.

4. Bye Bye Nickel

Since classical guitars use nylon or gut strings, you can say goodbye to the toxic nickel strings all of the other guitars use. Many guitar players are completely unaware of the potential toxicity of nickel strings and I’ve succumbed personally to a slight nickel allergy due to my guitarplaying.

Most nylon string packets use a different composition consisting of copper, silver and nylon which is less prone to cause allergies. Make sure you know what materials your strings are made out of when buying them!

5. It’s the Original Guitar

The classical guitar is also the original guitar, apart from some differences from the earlier versions. The earlier versions had more strings on them and the strings were made out of gut. But apart from this, you will be enjoying a more original guitar sound when you buy a classical guitar. The 6-String classical guitar is the oldest out of the 3 main types of guitars used today.

6. You Don’t Have to Retune as Often

Classical guitar strings hold their tuning for longer. Some say otherwise, but in my experience they absolutely do. I’ve left my classical guitars for months and when I come back, they are still in tune and they don’t need any re-tuning. However, fresh strings can take a while to settle in so in the beginning you’ll have to tune more often.

7. They’re Tough as a Rock

I don’t know if it’s the low price or the strings that don’t corrode. But I see classical guitars as more tough than other guitars. Their strings almost never break, the strings dont corrode, and the often low price makes anyone able to bring them on adventures where the guitar could take a beating, without worrying too much of losing or breaking it.