10 Helpful Tips For Writing Impressive Lyrics!

Do you want to realize your dream song? Over the years I stumbled upon some good lyric writing ideas. Ways to piece the word puzzle together in ways I’d never heard anyone else use. The secret sauce is the following tips, and don’t take them lightly, apply the thechniques!

1. Use movies and images for inspiration

One of the most powerful songwriting techniques is drawing inspiration from movies and images. It’s perfect, because you dont need to come up with something from scratch.

A scene from a movie can be described with so many words, and a picture works the same way. This is one of the easiest way to generate good ideas. What happened before the scene, what comes after it, what would be a good song for the scene?

A bonus tip is, if you allready got a part of the song done. Try playing it together with the clip or movie your watching, with the audio of the clip turned off. That way you can see if the music fits to what your seeing.

Describe it with words and you’ll end up with a good lyric every time.

2. Melody is king

The best melody is a simple one, the melody of the lyrics is hugely important for any song to sound good!

An easy melody will stick to the mind and be catchy, whereas a more advanced melody will keep listeners entertained for more plays on the song. In general, a simple melody will be quickly liked and quickly forgotten, while a more advanced melody will have more replay value.

Its entirely up to you, but you should always take the melody of the lyrics into account when writing lyrics.

3. The way it sounds is more important than logical meanings

When people hear a song for the first time. They will have a hard time to actually grasp the lyrics. Its usually during a second listen that listeners will hear the lyrics more clearly.

That’s why, it’s more important for the lyrics to sound good, than for them to be logically or grammatically correct.

People will interpret your lyrics completely differently from you. Even if you make it super clear, two people still won’t hear the same things. So make it sound good and make it count. Let your emotions be your guide when writing lyrics. It’s the way it sounds not the way it’s written The story is for you. Other people will probably interpret your story in a completely different way anyway.

A lyric might look good on paper, but if it doesn’t sound good when you sing it, it’s probably not a good lyric.

4. Repeating phrases will make it easy for the mind

Hearing the same words over and over again. Can have a profound effect. Just think of the song Hallelujah. The chorus is one word sung over and over again.

Repeating phrases can save you time, and make it easy for the listener. Think of the song hallelujah for example. In the chorus, it’s basically just the word “hallelujah” over and over again. So keeping it simple isn’t always so bad, it’s actually really good.

Another example is baby shark.

It’s a totally stupid song, with the most simple lyric ever. Because of its simplicity, it sticks to the mind easily, and the video has over 8.5 billion views.

5. Don’t overthink the lyrics, and make them easy to learn

If you want other people to sing your song. You need to keep it pretty simple and intuitive. If you use repetitions, rhymes, and syllables you can increase the likelihood of people remembering your lyrics.

The gold is when you don’t rhyme, but you actually find words that work together in the rhythm of the song.

You can make the lyrics so simple any child would understand them.

6. Write half a song worth of lyrics, and mirror those lyrics again

To make things easy, write the same content but different words for the second verses.

Songs are often short stories. But actually, if you wrote a verse thats about something, you dont need to continue that verse if theres a second part. You can say the same thing again but with different words. So you dont need to write the story out, you can stick to a single emotion or event throughout.

7. Overdramatizing

You may not have a strong story. But you probably got something. Think of overdramatizing as making a weak story strong, by adding elements to it and exaggerating.

Maybe you met a girl today and you wanna write about that. In the lyric, make it the hottest girl in the world, like shes burning.

Maybe your writing a lyric about a car. In the lyric, make it as fast as a fighterjet. How would that change the lyric?

Overdramatizing is a good way to reach more extreme words that evoke more emotions. Polar opposites are also very good.

“She was hot, but cool like ice”

8. If the lyrics stick to you, they stick to others!

This is not a has to, but it can be an important factor over the song lyrics success for the song. If you write and sing a lyric, and then when you go do something else you start singing it without even thinking about doing it. Then you are surely on your way to a catchy lyric. It’s when a lyric or melody sticks to you and you cant get it out of your head.

Also, a lyric should be able to be learned by you. If you cant learn it without having to read your notes, how do you think other people will?

9. If your stuck move on!

Its really easy to get stuck when writing lyrics. Especially when you allready wrote half of the lyrics, and your trying to finish them.

If you get stuck, with lets say a verse or a chorus. Try this quantitative technique. If your stuck, write a new verse, and a new verse and so on.

Maybe instread of stopping alltogether and getting demotivated, you write 4 verses and choose 2 of them. This takes of the pressure from you to finish that one thing your stuck on.

10. Use no language sounds instead of words to find words

Thats right!

This is one of the most powerful techniques. If you’re trying to make a pleasant-sounding lyric, try to just make sounds in a rhythm instead of words, or just words that don’t totally make sense. Often you can make sounds that fit your chords, and then turn those sounds into words that sound the same.

thanks for reading

Writing lyrics can be hard and you should know that in many cases. The song you listen to were a collaboration.

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